We believe in open and transparent science and an open review process. All of our work is first submitted to preprint servers before being send to publishers for a consideration.

Newest preprints (not peer/reviewed yet)

  1. Anna Matuszyńska, Oliver Ebenhöh, Matias D. Zurbriggen, Daniel C. Ducat, and Ilka M. Axmann.
    Designing synthetic communities with organism-free modular computational models
    ChemRxiv; doi:
  2. Nima P. Saadat, Marvin van Aalst, Oliver Ebenhöh, Alain Tissier, and Anna Matuszyńska.
    Bioenergetics of the secondary metabolites production in photosynthetic glandular trichomes.
    bioRxiv 2022.09.29.510054; doi:

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