Public engagement


We transport knowledge to the public

Anna Matuszyńska explains photosynthesis to primary school children Copyright: © Anna Matuszyńska

Outreach activities and public engagement allows us to stay connected with the main recipients of our work: the society. Outreach activities include various ways in which our group members engage with others outside the University.

Starting in 2014, still as a doctoral student, Prof. Matuszyńska has engaged in numerous national and international outreach activities, including designing programs dedicated to primary school children. On the picture Prof. Matuszyńska is using onion tower to explain to primary school children what is phototropism (= the ability to grow directionally in response to light) during the British Science Week. Now, leading her independent research group, she encourages the Lab members to look for new opportunities to share our knowledge, expertise and, foremost, passion to science outside of the standard academic channels of communication (conferences, seminars and manuscripts).

We will provide updates regarding our newest outreach activities undertaken by the Lab members.