Diving into young marine research



young women presenting to the room with a big screen in the back Copyright: © Pia Falter

At last, since the MOSAiC expedition conquered the public news spotlight, people are aware of the importance of marine biology: The hydrosphere is closely linked to the earth’ atmosphere. Being decisive for climate change, both spheres are of special interest for our short- and long-term future. But what are the current research topics and projects of marine research?

At the ICYMARE-conference, where young marine researchers meet annually, one comes across several scientific projects related to marine research. From our Lab, our first bachelor student Pia Falter took part in the ICYMARE 2022 at Bremerhaven. Given by the focus of her home institute, she contributed with a presentation on simple phytoplankton-nutrient modelling. Modelling biogeochemical dynamics forges links between scientific results, future research and disciplines. The relevance of biological modelling and the scientific work on computational models presented one of the foci of ICYMARE 2022.

Addressing especially young researchers, ICYMARE offers not only scientific presentations and topic-related exchanges. Additionally to enabling informal exchange between scientists from more than 30 nations, workshops on current questions and career perspectives were offered. Finally, the open-minded ideas brought home from ICYMARE 2022, are promising not only for personal research perspectives, but also for the future of young marine research.