Congratulations to our first Bachelor Students

Students sitting in the seminar room Copyright: © Anna Matuszynska

Congratulations to our first bachelor students, Pia Falter and Elouen Corvest, for defending today their bachelor projects. It was a pleasure to work with such talented, motivated and hard working students. We wish Pia and Elouen all the best in their future education. There is always a place for the two of you in our group.


Topics of the bachelor projects

Title of Pia's thesis was: "Modelling the effect of climate change and nutrient saturation on dinoflagellate blooms in the Baltic sea". During her project she explored how the simple ordinary differential equations based model of phytoplankton dynamics can be used to explain the dynamics of algal blooms recorded experimentally in the mesocosm experiments in the Baltic Sea.

Elouen's project focused on "Computational study of photosynthesis CO2 assimilation rate". In his work he has implemented several available mathematical models of photosynthesis with a goal of comparing their performance under various conditions. During this project he realized though that some of the selected models are lacking full disclosure of parameters, starting conditions or reaction rates, hence the implementation was not always possible.